Bradeen Specialties  llc

                                  Mobile Welding

         Specializing in Aluminum, Stainless and Mild Steels.   

      Economical, Hassle-Free Welding Solutions!

    AWS CERTIFIED                     269-349-0276       Insured

                                                        Boat Doctor

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Bradeen Specialties LLc is AWS Certified and Tested by CWT Inc. National Certification Bureau. Certifications in Aluminum Tig to 1/2 inch. Stainless Tig to 1/2 inch. Carbon Steel  Mig to 3/4 inch!

These certifications are updated on a yearly basis. When it comes to public safety Bradeen Specialties will maintain structural integrity and work done to code. Go to link:

Aluminum Certification 

AWS D1.2-08  GTAW

Stainless Steel  Certification

AWS D1.6-07 GTAW

Mild Steel Certification

AWS D1.1-2010 GMAW